LIMITED RUN (ONLY 12!) PRE-ORDER: U-bend ball retriever corduroy hat

We offer all kinds of different takes on our Unpro ball retriever logo, but we pretty much make them from the same three types of hats. It's easier that way, and it allows us to work with a great on-demand supplier. But that means, even for as much as we love our logo, the hats lack a certain panache. We want to change that.

That's why we're going to start offering very limited runs of special hat designs. We'll offer only 12 of each kind of hat, and you'll only be able to get them by pre-ordering. This way, we can cover our costs up front, including shipping and a few dollars of profit per hat.

Our first-ever limited-run hat is this electric blue corduroy hat. Richardson Sports makes the hat, and its finer wale width makes it perfect for any situation. The higher profile means a modern look and fit which complements the U-bend ball retriever.

Your pre-order includes the cost of the hat and shipping within the United States.

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