USGA-compliant handicap service (1 year)

Every golfer should have a handicap index. Even casual golfers.

Having a handicap index can help you have more fun on the course by enabling you to have a match on equal footing, with friends and strangers alike.

If you want to compete in a golf tournament, odds are you'll need a handicap index as well. 

So why don't you have one? It could be that you don't belong to a private club. It could be you don't think you play enough. But there's no real good reason to not have a handicap index.

That's why we've partnered again with our friends at USHandicap to make getting and maintaining a handicap index as easy as possible. You can register for a 1-year handicap index account for just $30, and you don't have to be a member of a private club to have it. Using USHandicap's apps and website, you can easily enter scores, check up on your handicap trends and more.

We wanted to give you no reason not to have a handicap index. So purchase now!

(When you purchase, we'll contact you over email with details to set up your USHandicap account.)